What is Drone Jax LLC?
Drone Jax, LLC is a subsidiary of 22 Frames Media, LLC that provides professional imagery and video solutions via sUAS and drone to the greater Jacksonville, FL area
What are drones?
A drone – or sUAS (small unmanned aerial system) or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) – is either a fixed wing or rotary powered aircraft piloted by a Remote Pilot (RP) via a remote controller (RC)
Do your drones run on gas?
NO. Our aircraft, as well as most others, run on high performance batteries. There is no fuel whatsoever on our aircraft
Are you insured?
YES! Although we have a perfect, accident free flying record with the FAA and NTSB we do realize that accidents can and do happen. We utilize Verifly for our on-demand insurance needs.
How long have you been in the drone industry?
Even with the consumer drone industry being relatively new for most people, I have personally been involved with drones for the last 2 1/2 years and love every minute of it. Each flight brings new challenges, obstacles & triumphs!
What areas do you work in?

Our “home” consists of all of the First Coast which includes Duval, Baker, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns counties as well as select areas of Camden county in Southern Georgia. However we are certainly open to traveling outside of our “home” area. Just get in touch with us & ask!

Do you spy on people while flying?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Using a drone to knowingly gain access to or otherwise see into a dwelling that you normally couldn’t see from street view is illegal and is not tolerated here at Drone Jax. We utilize all safe practices put forth by the FAA. This is non-negotiable.

Can you fly wherever you want?

No. Even though they may be smaller in size compared to a traditional aircraft, drones can easily cause fatal accidents when not operated properly& safely. With that said, even with Part 107 and/or Part 333 exemption, drone pilots still have rules & procedures to go through to ensure communications with Air Traffic Control (if necessary) to safeguard existing aircraft in the area. Flying within 5 miles of most airports requires, depending on classification of airspace, communication with and permission from Air Traffic Control, among other things.

Does the weather affect when you can or cannot fly your drones?

A significant factor in whether a drone can be flown safely or not would be the weather. Although drones may technically be able to fly in windy or inclement conditions, the end result – or footage – will likely be sub par and unusable. We continually monitor weather conditions leading up to and during a job to ensure our drones can be safely operated so that we complete on time.

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